what are hitters and pitchers actually trying to do?

Create energy to use in swing or delivery.


use mass and acceleration to create force.

Move energy through a kinetic chain reaction.

Enhance energy flow with elasticity and torque.

VeloPRO trained Justin Marsden - now topping 97MPH

VeloPRO trained Justin Marsden - now topping 97MPH

Know The Science

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion state that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and to maximize energy flow, you must be PROPORTIONATE in both movement and counterbalancing of such. Additionally, if energy is to change from direction (from lower into upper half), you must have an axis point - rotation of hips.  Based upon scientific THEOREM, the VeloPRO Harness was developed from Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy laws, load physics, the Berstein and SAID Principles. By retraining motor patterns to move energy efficiently, VeloPRO Baseball unlocks previously locked performance within 3 weeks.






Pitchers are basically moving energy from their bodies into the pitch. To do so, you need to create FORCE, and "force" is optimized through mass and acceleration. Hence F=MA.

Using common sense, if you have more mass and acceleration, you create more force. In pitching terms, the harder you drive and rotate, the more force you create, resulting in a higher velocity pitch. The key is (1) when to push, (2) when to rotate, and (3) when to release.

Your kinetic chain reaction become efficient when your timing and sync (of the above) are optimized. However, learning how and when is highly dependent upon many factors.

The good news is VeloPRO takes care of all the above instantly, as it aligns your motor patterning to maximize energy flow rates. In doing so, you bypass years of mechanical and athletic training.

according to kinesiology and physiology

Your body will SUBCONSCIOUSLY lock muscular response to any energy overload or outside stimuli that could potentially harm your body. This can be seen when you blink or pull your hand away from heat. Defined by science as Protective Reflex Response, it is the reason mechanical issues take years to overcome. The VeloPRO Harness helps unlock this response quickly by allowing the body to move in an efficient, stable and supported manner, thus reducing the body's protective reflex response and breaking through.

driven by over a decade of results and quantifiable data and analytical research.

bridge the training gap and improve your game every day with every rep.